Welcome to Future Systems Consulting. We serve the management of multinational companies through a comprehensive approach of leadership and organization development.
Our Consulting relationships are data driven, customer focused, theoretically grounded, and value based. Our main focus is the development of leadership for corporate communities. We begin with an inward look at self and organization as a starting point and as the basis for outward partnering.
Change happens, and we can use it to our advantage. Individuals and organizations can learn to harness the power of change and achieve greater success. Future Systems Consulting offers several products and tools to assist in your quest. Explore the various collaborative opportunities and let us know how we might work together.

ShareOn is an online corporate leader resource linking assessments and leadership investment strategies, with an extensive resource library designed to help leaders become more productive.

About "Simdustry":

"Simdustry" is a board simulation depicting complex business processes and fundamental corporate interrelations. While analyzing data and making strategic business decisions for your own "company," you and your fellow management team experience first-hand the short and long-term impact of your entrepreneurial actions on a broad level. Because various "companies" compete directly with each other, success depends on the optimal utilization of resources and grasping the "big picture" of the corporate environment.

With "Simdustry" you acquire a deeper understanding of such fundamentals as cash flow, balance sheets, Profit & Loss Accounts and workflows. You can interpret financial reports, grasping the significance of global movements in the business world. Because you interact with your team, the competition and the expert trainers, you gain practical, hands-on knowledge, facilitating the transfer to your professional life.

Simulating and stimulating success — it's also a lot of fun

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Assess your level of Authority, degree of Responsibility, and perceptions of Power. The ARP is most helpful in determining the amount of potential power you create when interacting with others.
AUTHORITY • RESPONSIBILITY • POWER • EXPANDING. Expand your understanding and appreciation of Authority, Responsibility and Power. Discern the degree of trust that you place in yourself and others.
The BTITM is a psychometrically validated assessment tool designed to help identify key elements of managers’ and staff members’ personality using the nine Enneagram personality types.
Creating, Accelerating and Sustaining Change. The CAS will help you determine your successful change leadership practices both individually and organizationally.
The CVI™ is the only human assessment that describes and measures the innate unchanging nature in each person. This is the most essential information for any individual and for any community of individuals.
Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic©
The Diversity & Inclusion Diagnostic© (DID) delineates the process most organizations should follow in order to garner a true competitive advantage by harnessing the talents of all of their employees and creating a thriving diverse business environment.
Change Assessment
Identify where you are on the change wave. Give yourself and your colleagues an opportunity to tailor the change process so that it can be as transformational as possible.
Core Passion™ Assessment is a validated online self-assessment tool designed to discover and measure the energy of your Core Passion™ Codes. Core Passion™ is an innate energy source that drives you to do what you do.
Self Report The survey, Management Competencies - Transition Skills - Leadership Potentials (MTL©) is designed to assess your professional development.
MTL 360©
360° Survey allows you to assess your Management Competencies, Transition Skills, and Leadership Potentials.  It allows your boss, peers and direct reports an opportunity to rate you on these behaviors as well.
The CLQ 360©
Corporate Leader Questionnaire. The most reliable indicator of future success is the ratings of your behaviors by those around you. The CLQ provides just such insight.
Using Jung's Type Theory as a foundation, the Golden Personality Type Profiler unites Psychological Type, Temperament, Trait, and the empirically supported factor models of personality and generates one comprehensive survey and feedback report.

The Majors PT-Elements is a 127-items questionnaire that helps your clients learn valuable information about their psychological type        (common 16 personality types).

Power Potential Profile is a customized survey to determine the human capital in an organization and extract the potential that exists.
Survey Creator
Provides expert programming, design, and question writing advice enabling you to gather data in the most efficacious manner.
Transition Intervention Analysis is designed to determine the state of a congregation or parish as leadership is changed.
A survey created to assess the degree to which you trust yourself and others and how you may use this insight to build relationships.


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